RAW Files | Download Link 2021

Since my last download went so well I thought I'd give you all some updated images.

Download the files below, retouch them and share them on social media.

Please be sure to credit myself, my team and the models. (Instagram links below)

These images are for you to use for your portfolio and social media only.

I kindly ask you not to share the before and after images, only your final retouched images.

RAW files:

https://we.tl/t-yYUtzP0eV1 (Password - ShootMeJaz2021)

Image credits:

1-2 | Photography @ShootMeJaz Makeup @Lubasha.London Hair @Lubasha.London Model @_Grace_Elizabeth96

3-4 | Photography @ShootMeJaz Makeup @RosieCerosioMakeup Hair @Cimone__Cheveux Model @Melicia_Anne

5-6 | Photography @ShootMeJaz Makeup @RosieCerosioMakeup Model @Drew__Caitlin

7-8 | Photography @ShootMeJaz Model @JasmineLBModel

9-10 | Photography @ShootMeJaz Makeup @RosieCerosioMakeup Model @MissKirstyRose

11-12 | Photography @ShootMeJaz Makeup @AmyGoodeMua Hair @FreemanGeorgia Model @NicholaMannersOfficial

13-14 | Photography @ShootMeJaz Makeup @RosieCerosioMakeup Model @GenevieveChenneour

I look forward to seeing your results! Don't forget to tag me in the posts so I don't miss them

Have fun! x

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