My Go To Studio Lighting Set Up

In this post I show you how I set up my studio to create beautifully lit photos.

I studied photography for 2 years in college and that's where I discovered my love for studio photography. I loved being able to control the lighting and getting creative with different light setups and coloured gels. Saying that... I actually used the same set up for pretty much every shoot. This would consist of a black backdrop and one strobe with a snoot, very basic, but I loved the drama.

After leaving college I bought my own studio equipment because I wanted to carry on shooting that way, I bought my studio equipment before I actually owned a camera of my own... please don't ask why, I don't know what I was thinking! And not only that but I also had nowhere to store any of it let alone have the room to actually use it!

Fast forward to about 3 years later, I finally had a space to put everything up and use it properly! Before that, it was in a garage collecting cobwebs and dust.

My studio kit consists of;

2x Godox SK400II strobes (w/ stands, trigger & receivers)

1x Neewer ring light

2x Umbrella (silver & white)

5x Calumet backdrops; Black, Arctic White, Carnation, Buttercup & Cedar

1x Colorama backdrop; Cappuccino

1x Backdrop stand (and clamps)

1x 5 in 1 reflector

So my typical set up would look something like the image below

I never really differ from this set up. White umbrella, silver umbrella and a reflector under the models face just to create an overall luminous effect.

I love this set up as it creates a lovely soft & evenly lit subject. It makes the features and the makeup pop, very flattering set up in my opinion.

Occasionally I will use my ring light, quite a rare occurrence, but it does produce nice lighting on the subject especially when shooting beauty and close ups.

I also love the catchlight in the eyes, I know some photographers aren't too fond of catchlights but for some reason I just love them! The silver umbrella and ring light produce the best ones, in my opinion.

To finish this post off, here are some photos using my go to lighting set up

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