Preparing For Your Photoshoot

Whether you're used to being in front of the camera or you've never had professional photos taken before, there's a few tips that I'd like to share to help you prepare for your photoshoot day.

No1. Pamper Yourself

The day before your shoot, you should start to get in the mood, I recommend having a day (or evening) of pampering. Put a face mask on, maybe a hair mask too, do your nails, have a glass of wine & put your feet up... do anything that makes you feel good! This is all good preparation for the shoot day too, especially if you're having your hair and makeup done. You will feel refreshed and ready to be transformed for the day.

No2. Styling

Lay out some of your best clothes, or your favourite outfits, to get an idea of what will go together & to bring with you. This will save a lot of time on the shoot day if you have planned looks. Include accessories in this too, such as hats, bags, shoes, jewellery etc...

- Choose classic & timeless pieces.

Opting for timeless pieces means that the images shouldn't look outdated at any point.

I like to go for simple colours like black, white, cream, beige & brown and select staple fashion pieces such as denim jeans/jacket, leather jacket, white shirt, a pretty dress and fitted tops (vests, bustier, corset etc...). Don't forget shoes! Simple black, nude or white heels are my go to choices as you can literally pair them with anything. This is just the basic/staple pieces, I also love bright colours, and textured materials & fabrics such as tulle, lace, crepe, linen, denim etc... Ultimately, you can wear anything that makes you feel good.

- Flattering and well fitted clothes.

Making sure your clothes are well fitted will really elevate your look and the final results of the photos. Examples of ill fitting clothes would be sleeves that are too long, baggy around the armpits, too tight in one area and loose on another etc... Comfort is very important, and this will definitely come across in the photos.

- Jewellery

Jewellery is just something that can really complete a look. I prefer to opt for gold or rose gold pieces as I just love gold. I usually choose simple and understated pieces so they don't distract the eye too much, but it all depends on the look/style of the shoot as I also love statement pieces too... especially earrings, as you will see in a lot of my work.

- Attention to detail.

This is pretty much all of the above tips combined, but including extra little details such as accessories (bags, hates etc...) and also nails. Nice nails do make a difference to the final images, believe it or not. Chipped nail varnish or grown out acrylics will be very noticeable and distract the eye from the focal point of the image. So making sure you have nice nails (painted or unpainted, natural or acrylic) will make a great difference.

No3. Posing

Posing isn't always as easy as it looks. When you're in front of the camera for the first time (or haven't had much experience) you may freeze, especially out on location! People may be watching but that shouldn't put you off, they're usually in awe.

The most important thing is to be free flowing, comfortable and have fun.

I highly recommend posing in front of the mirror, video yourself posing so you can watch back and get a feel for what looks good, save lots of inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram... Or if you prefer, tear pages from magazines and bring them along.

No4. Have Fun

The most important thing about the shoot day is to have fun! Nerves will show in the photos, so be yourself and everything will feel much easier and you will feel more comfortable and confident during the shoot.

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