How To Be Confident In Front Of The Camera

Whether you're an aspiring model or you've never had professional photos taken before, I'm hoping these tips will get you feeling more confident and camera ready.

I have worked with many women and men who are camera shy, It's a natural feeling. Meeting a photographer for the first time and trusting that they will bring out the best in you is quite nerve racking. So here are a few tips that I recommend to get the best out of your shoot and to get you feeling more confident in front of the camera;

No1. Get To Know Your Photographer

It's really important that you feel comfortable with your photographer from the very first point of contact. I literally mean from the first message, email, call etc... If you sense something is a little off, then stick to your gut feeling. You should never feel pressured into anything that doesn't feel right, and that also includes if you're in the middle of a shoot. Some photographers can be quite demanding, or come across quite intimidating. It can be very scary and off putting to be in that situation (I have been in this situation myself).

A good, professional photographer will make you feel comfortable right from the beginning. This will automatically boost your confidence! A few good ways to get to know them before the shoot would be to check out their social media pages, see who they've worked with previously, read their blog posts (if they have a blog), request a call to discuss the shoot or simply just message them with any questions/concerns you may have.

No2. Angles & Posing

Pose in front of the mirror. It sounds really cliche, but honestly, you get a feel for what looks good and what doesn't. Try different body angles, facial expressions, hand positions. If you're liking your poses, you will definitely feel more confident being in front of the camera. I even do this myself so I can refer to certain poses during the shoot... also, I just love posing in front of the mirror!

It's the photographers job to guide you during the shoot, but it's even better if you come prepared and do what makes you feel confident in yourself.

Also, another amazing tip from Rosie; think of posing as acting or dancing, keep moving your body, changing your facial expressions and hand movements. Be free flowing and the photographer will capture you in the moment. It can be difficult to think of poses on the spot, that's why it's good to just keep moving and have fun with it.

No3. Dress Your Best

Everyone has their own unique style. Wearing clothes that make you feel good will instantly boost your confidence. Try new things too, maybe you have an alter ego that you want to let out! Whatever makes you feel comfortable and good in yourself, that's the most important thing. I recommend bringing at least 5 outfits to choose from on the day, pair them the night before so you have a good idea of what you want to wear during the shoot.

No4. Hair & Makeup

I always recommend having a hairstylist and makeup artist on set, having professional hair and makeup done will boost your confidence and give a gorgeous finish to the final photos. It's also really nice to sit back and relax and have someone else do the hard work, you deserve the break.

I want to thank my amazing team for creating stunning imagery with me and always working to a high standard Rosie C, Cimone C, Rosie V & Nicola M

No5. Get Inspired

Save inspiration, create mood boards & folders! Whether it's on Pinterest, Instagram, from magazines, adverts, anything! Save references from posing, to fashion, hair and makeup, camera angles, lighting... Whatever gets you inspired. Inspiration is all around you. I save a lot of references to refer back to during the shoot. I have created some Pinterest boards to get you inspired, you can find them here.

No6. It's only you!

When shooting out on location (especially in busy places) people may stare or watch out of curiosity, they are usually in awe of your confidence! You may be having doubts about posing or letting loose, but the final outcome will be worth it if you act like no one else is watching. You will thank yourself after.

I hope these tips can help you get into the groove and feel more confident and less camera shy.

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