A Little Background Story

Hello people of the world! This is very different for me, I never thought I'd find myself wanting to write blog posts about myself or what I do... but here we are!

I really wanted to share with you what I love doing and what I do best.

So, a bit about me?

My name is Jasmine, I'm in my early 20's, I'm a photographer and I've lived in London my whole life. I became vegan in 2018 and I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle... that's a lie! Vegan yes, healthy no. I LOVE CAKE! So that's the basics. Let's get into what made me who I am today!

My love for photography came around from the age of 6 or 7, and actually just came from taking photos of my family when we were out or on holidays, sounds weird right? We used to go on quite a lot of outings and holidays (take me back). My mum would always want me to take photos of her because she liked the result. Only I could get her good angles. Talented from a young age, I know!

And don't worry, I was also included in family photos, I wasn't just the designated photographer!

Also, both of my parents were interested in photography and used to get me to pose for the camera. So that's probably why I think I'm UK's next top model, or something, when I do my self portraits.

I have always been a creative person. I started drawing from as young as I can remember, I then learnt the piano in my early teen years, and then decided I was going to be a tattoo artist and be covered from head to toe in tattoos! I have two now but I did cry during one of them, so head to toe will NOT be happening.

After finishing secondary school, there was an option to take photography for 6th form. That was the moment when I decided to make photography the rest of my life. A burning passion and desire to do something where I could express myself in all my glory. But I ended up getting kicked out of 6th form. Why? Because you had to take three subjects and I didn't like the other two, too academic for me, so I didn't do the work (yes, I was a bad student).

Luckily enough, there was just enough time left to enrol into college and they had space left in the photography course! Lucky me! They were some of the best days of my teen years.

There was a point after college when I stopped doing photography because I didn't actually own my own equipment, I was always using what was available to me at college. So I got a job and saved for a year and was able to buy my camera and studio equipment.

Fast forward the early days of my photography... I might do a separate post on my early photos.

Now I'm able to work with amazing clients, models, makeup artists and hair stylists to create stunning photos that I never thought I'd be able to achieve. But here I am, loving every second of what I do!

And that's pretty much where it all began and where I am now!

If you actually read up to this point then you are a true saint and I thank you greatly!

Until next time,

Jasmine x

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